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The area's most trusted Fireplace Repairmen

Ensure your chimney, gas fireplace, or pellet stove is operating correctly and safely with the help of the experts at Ferguson Services. Our fireplace repairmen have more than 26 years of experience, proving we are amongst the best in the business. We’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering proven techniques and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, giving you the high-quality results you deserve. From removing hard-to-reach creosote with rotary brushes to inspecting gas fireplaces for leaks using innovative sensors, we’ve got you covered.
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Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

Eradicate creosote and ash build up quickly and effectively. A professional chimney sweeper will ensure every aspect of your fireplace is in working order, helping to prevent fires and carbon monoxide buildup within your home.
Gas Fireplace Service

Gas Fireplace Service

Ensure your gas fireplace is safe to use and operating at peak performance. We’ll clean, repair, and replace any dirty or dysfunctional part, protecting your family and your home.
Pellet Stove Service

Pellet Stove Service

Keep your pellet stove running its best and safe for everyday use with the help of our pellet stove cleaning experts. Though cleaner and safer than other fireplaces, pellet stoves still need regular maintenance to prevent hazardous situations from arising.
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Get your dryer vent cleaned by certified professionals to ensure your family is well protected from fires, mold, and energy loss. We’ll perform a thorough dryer vent inspection and cleaning to make sure your ventilation system is free of debris and lint that may pose a threat to your family’s well-being.
Air Duct Cleaning


Enjoy cleaner, fresher air with duct cleaning services. Our team is efficient and thorough to ensure your air is free of dust, allergens, and other irritants.

About Ferguson Services

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Ferguson Services was started by Eric and JoAnna Ferguson in St. Louis, MO, in 2005. When we moved to Colorado in 2017, we decided to continue our family business here in Fremont County, reopening in January of 2018. Eric Ferguson has 26 years of experience in fireplace servicing and repair and also carries the National Fireplace Institute Certifications as a gas wood burning specialist, NFI# 176509. 

Ferguson Services has a tenacity toward perfection when performing chimney sweeper services and an appreciation for our customers’ needs. We have been in the service industry for over two and a half decades and have learned that a customer’s needs extend beyond the particular service performed in their home. We understand a typical customer needs to feel comfortable with the technician, knowing that he or she will perform their duties with the highest standards and move about the house as a polite guest. We are the ones you are looking for when you seek out those who can answer complicated questions with easy-to-understand answers. After years of meeting tens of thousands of customers in their own home, we have learned to fill those shoes.

National Fireplace Institute Certified logo

Ferguson Services is a company that prides itself on rising above industry standards, moving above and beyond customer expectations and creating an environment where a service worker brings joy and warmth to the home. Meeting these expectations will not make us the cheapest chimney sweeps in the industry, but it does make us the best.

Certified Company
You should never trust just anyone to care for your chimney system. Our team is certified with the National Fireplace Institute (#176509), making us the region’s most trusted chimney sweeps.

Special Discounts
To show our customers how much we care about and appreciate their business, we offer discounts to those also making a difference in the lives of others. We offer a 10 percent discount for military, police, corrections officers, firefighters, search and rescue members, and senior citizens who can show an ID. These discounts cannot be combined.

Chimney Cleaning
Our cleaning services ensure the most thorough results possible. With HEPA-rated vacuums, we inspect and clean every part of your chimney, from the flue to the firebox and everything in between.

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